Marble & Stone Cleaning and Restoration Services

commercial marbleExperience of over 15 years really does matter when it comes to stone care!

Our Refinishing and Restoration work is focused on:
Atlantis Stone Care services L.A., Orange County, Inland Empire, San Diego, and specializes in cleaning and polishing marble counter tops, marble and travertine floor restoration, granite counter top care, grout cleaning and sealing, and any other specialized stone, (see surfaces). Chips, cracks, skid marks, and dull, and unattractive surfaces are all problems Atlantis Stone Care deals with every day, and we can work wonders and correct all issues using a variety of techniques. Dull and old dirty looking stone is far from ruined, and more than likely it will outlive your grand-kids. It just needs some TLC in the form of our stone re-finisher.

Our technicians will use diamond abrasives and all-natural polishing compounds and honing mediums. Our natural finishes are customer specified with silken, matte finish, high polish finish or somewhere in between. Whether you are seeking to seal and protect or restore your new or used floor, remove the scratch or polish out a dull spot, Atlantis Stone Care can deliver the results you are seeking. (949) 545-3278.

We care about your stone. We can fix those scratches, dings, and dull areas. We can show you how to remove stain from marble and we can change its appearance by raising it's gloss, toning down or evening the marble out. We want your stone to be beautiful.
  1. Dull spots by the doors, or in and near elevators as in commercial buildings or just in the high traffic areas? Atlantis Stone Care can restore a smooth new beautiful appearance again.
  2. Do you have a scratch? Did someone pull a heavy object across your floor? Now you're lost? We can remove the scratch damage and feather the floor to blend the finish without dipping.
  3. While many companies will not work on granite, we love the opportunity to help you here. We not only work with granite, we can maintain your high-traffic granite surfaces that enable us to guarantee our work.
Get your restoration and maintenance estimates with a phone call (949) 545-3278.  
Orange County Stone Care

If you are interested in Orange County Stone Care, Travertine is a unique stone that comes in many different finishes. Travertine comes in what is known as the old and unfilled. What this means is that travertine naturally has holes that runs throughout the stone. The film travertine is exactly what it says, the holes are still giving the stone smooth finish.

Travertine comes in a honed finish and a polished finish. Either way it will need to be re-polished and sealed at times. Atlantis Marble and Stone Care will keep your Travertine looking like new.