Limestone flooring offers an ideal choice for high-traffic areas because it tends to be duller than most other types of flooring. The lack of shine disguises occasional scuffs and scratches; but it does need care and sometimes it may need more care. Professional care every one to three years.

  • you need to clean, and get the dirt out of the stone, and use, like marble, a diamond buffer to open the stone, then you hone the stone to get the right kind of shine and then seal the stone.
  • use the proper stone sealant and not lacquers and varnishes
  • daily use a dust mop and use it often. The dust and dirt will add scratches to your floor as you walk over them. Avoid the harsh chemicals on your limestone flooring as abuse could damage the pores in the softer stone
  • also buy a quality mop to keep your floor clean on a weekly basis; we can provide a good solution to clean your stone. call (949)545-3278