Granite is different than marble when it comes to recommended usage and care and maintenance. You must know that granite is a much harder stone and granite usually does not scratch easily. Most people use granite as kitchen counters and it is extremely durable to knife cuts, which is why granite is fairly pricey. Professional 1-3 years

  • granite cleaning is similarly in the way marble is cleaned.
  • use the same type of neutral stone cleaner; we can show you this if you need a proper solution we can provide that for you, as many of the things that you buy at the store are not suitable. Let us help (949)545-3278
  • once the granite is sealed, it is so easy to maintain because it is such a durable stone and unlike marble it is so much harder.
  • granite is a stone that is quarried all over the world and some of the biggest quarries are in European countries.
  • there are thousands of beautiful colors varying in every color you can think of.