There are many of our customers which choose concrete because of its lower cost and its versatility. Most people understand this as mixing aggregate stone and water and it can be used for driveways and other surfaces. But now there are a lot of colors that can be added to concrete and often after years of use the appearance can become very dull and needs to be upgraded.

  • colored concrete needs professional maintenance every one to three years.
  • often the surface can be cleaned with a hose or even a high-pressure hose.
  • water and sun are two of the worst natural elements which can be put on concrete and soon discoloration will be seen
  • again like many stones using neutral pH cleaners and even soap and water which we can recommend Atlantis Stone Care (949)545-3278
  • there are other less friendly cleaners like acid, but care must be taken to utilize these toxic chemicals
  • concrete sealing is important, just like granite and marble, and should be applied carefully and evenly; and concrete can also be buffed