ATLANTIS STONE CARE with over 15 years of experience will fulfill your needs when it comes to Natural Stone, Pavers, Tile, Concrete, and most all surfaces that need Repair. Scratches, etches, cracks, holes and messed up tiles are issues which we can take care of. If you don’t have these issues taken care of often times the condition worses and the cost later will be exorbitant.

Remember, marble is a relatively soft stone, so you should know it requires care and maintenance. You have to watch the grouting and if there are open spaces or just a bad grout job, we can fix it before your stone chips. Often times heavy objects may be dropped on the tile so the marble has to come out. Care is need and we use a pneumatic drill to remove the stone and a special mortar needs to be mixed to install.

Surfaces to receive repair must be sound and free of all dust, dirt, grease or any other coatings, if it’s not clean the repair will not adhere properly. Remove loose and brittle Marble or grout (if the surface is Marble tile) from the damaged area. Incorrect installation will cause repairs to fail prematurely.

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