Atlantis Stone Care will not only clean, polish, hone, your stone but will give you the tools to better understand how to maintain the beauty of your stone. We will give you the tools necessary to to help keep it up, no different than your car, and will develop a maintenance program specifically for you. Whether you are seeking to remove scratches, etches, or water spots from your marble or granite counter tops or tile, or just want a beautiful shine and seal, we can consult you and we will deliver fabulous results in a timely, professional manner. We will leave your home clean, dust free and no mess. We guarantee your surfaces will look much better than when we arrived.

Commercial facilities also need, in most cases, more attention to wear, scratches and cleaning that comes from more traffic and soiling.

CONSTRUCTION SITES after installation may need to be reviewed for proper cleaning, polishing and maintenance.


SEALING with a good penetrating sealer which we can provide which will help enhance your stone and keep it beautiful until we see you again to bring back the original polish.