Questions and Answers:

Q: How much dust will be created during the restoration of my floor?

A: Their is no dust at all. We restore stone using our finest European water process.

Q: Recently I used cleaning firms to clean my marble vanities. They were sealed but the damage is still very evident in the form of hundreds of small circles. What would you recommend as a way to repair them, the materials to use? Would it be better to replace the vanities?

A: We at Atlantis recommend cleaning your stone with a Neutral pH soap.  The damage came from house hold cleaners. House hold cleaners are very acidic and can edge your stone. Your stone can be restore to like new conditions call us for more information  (949)545-3278

Q: My natural stone counter tops are no longer shiny. How do I get the shine back?

A: When your stone is no longer shiny and brilliant its time for a diamond surfacing, polish  and seal call us today (949)545-3278

Q: Why won’t the water spots on my marble and travertine cleanup?

A: Water spots are calcium build up from your hard water from your main. This can be removed by a spot restoration.

Q: Is there routine daily or weekly maintenance I should be performing?

A: Stone should be cleaned and seal every year. The cost to do a clean and seal is a lot less than a restoration. call us today for an appointment (949)545-3278

Q: I have a beautiful entry rug. Will it harm my stone floor?

A:  Rugs should not harm your stone as long as their is no moister underneath.

Q: My floors had a beautiful shine when bought. How can I restore that new shine?

A: We would need to come out to your home and do a free estimate to determined if you need a polish or a complete restoration. Call us at (949)545-3278

Q: I have marble natural stone floors in the kitchen some vinegar got on the floor and now we have a light spot. I believe that it is sealed in; what is the best way to get rid of these dull spots in bring the normal shine back.

A: Spot Restoration is needed to remove the damage.

Q: Do you have a specific charge?

A: We are always running specials and we will work with your budget. if you have an Estimate we will beat it. call us today at (949)545-3278